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About Julie Serot

I’m a world-traveling yoga teacher, dance instructor, and marine biologist, and I’m living my dreams. I’ve spent time pursuing my interests in South Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia, and various parts of the United States, and I would love to help you pursue your dreams, as well.


24 October, 2014

Resistance Repellant: The one
  • by Julie Serot
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Want some Resistance Repellant? Here you go: Identify your “WHY.” For instance, as I did what I needed to do this past year to hit all my goals, the one “why” that really drove me was to move to San Diego. Moving to San Diego was the reason I created the specific business strategy I did, accompanied with specific life strategy. These strategies drove every single one of my choices and my decisions, and helped me be much more assertive in any given situation. If the behavior or choice didn’t align with my “why,” I knew what the answer was. And if it did…I knew what the answer was.

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08 October, 2014

Unleash Your Creative Spirit
  • by Julie Serot
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How many paintings have you started and not finished? How many online programs have you purchased and not listened to all the way? How many times have you said, “One day I’m going to write a book…” Why does this happen? As someone who suffered through this pattern and has come out the other side, I can tell you exactly why. It’s fear. So what to do about it?

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Success Stories

Julie helped me open up my authentic voice, which is leading to growth and a business opportunity I hadn’t even anticipated. After just 3 months, my efforts are seeing a return. She offers an effective combo of inner work & practical tools. Julie has her clients’ best interests at heart. She is trustworthy, and her community is very special.

Nikol Peterman

Actress & Speaker,


Since starting with Julie, spectacular things have happened. My inner sunshine & glow are back. Depression & anxiety are gone. My relationship with my husband has made leaps and bounds. I’m so happy with these changes, and look forward to more! Julie is so calm. I feel safe with her. I can trust her. Would I recommend Julie’s program? Absolutely!

Karen Layton

Mother & Playing Full Out Mentor,

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