“We can talk about everything except politics, money, and religion”…

I’ve heard this phrase many times for many years and it’s always baffled me.

Not to say that I don’t understand the intention behind it…

I understand those are topics that ruffle people’s feathers and have the potential to create conflict that some people like to avoid…

But as far as I’m concerned, these three topics are three of the most important that we CAN discuss.

Here’s a (not-comprehensive) list of why:

  1. Our ancestors fought and died for our freedom to practice and discuss these topics. I think it’s doing them a massive disservice to avoid them.
  2. As an American, I feel it is my duty to ENGAGE, not DISENGAGE, from the conversation about politics. Some people prefer to engage in a private way, and that’s great! Some people prefer to engage in a more public way, and that’s great, too! The biggest learning I’ve had on this, especially in the last 2 years, is to stay respectful in the conversation. Name calling, sarcasm, character assumptions/assassination, and even memes (even if they’re funny or may have some truth) are not the way to engage if you have the intention of landing with the other person or people and be in collaborative discussion to move the ball forward. 
  3. I think it’s severely detrimental that we as a society don’t talk openly about money. I think it’s one of the reasons we have such a debt problem in America (individually and federally) and I personally strive to shift the paradigm by sharing openly and transparently regarding my earnings and how I think of/use money.
  4. There are many misunderstandings about religion and I believe it’s because people are so quick to shut each other down. It would be a benefit to the world if each person was willing to open their mind and heart to hear each other out before making snap judgements, especially about a persons character. 
  5. Most people learn best through discourse. By making it taboo to share and communicate and ask questions, it shuts down the possibility of a culture of learning and growth.