Julie Serot’s Reviews

I had no idea what my business would be, or what I was offering. I couldn’t even afford to put gas in my car. After doing this work, I generated $35,000 in one month because I became totally clear on my desire and how specifically to create it. Now I am in love with what I do, and know how to create consistent, sustainable recurring revenue.

Right after taking the course with Julie, I received four $7,000 pay in full clients, in the span of just 2 weeks! After that, I went on to have my first 6-figure year–$119,000 in revenue. I had never made more than $40,000 in the previous years. THIS WORKS!!

Since learning from Julie, I was able to quit my job and do my business full time, where I’ve enjoyed recurring monthly income from a business that I am so passionate about. This program was priceless to me.

I didn’t realize how much I was compromising in my life before this program with Julie. I also didn’t realize how much power I have within me to create a massive shift, quickly. When I learned Julie’s teachings and started using them, things began to change very rapidly. Not only did I create a new job that suited me better and paid me better, but my relationships also improved, as did my health. I can’t imagine my life without this now!

I barely recognize myself. My husband frequently asks, ‘who are you?’ because my shifts have been so huge. I know what I want, and I accept nothing less. I never used to stand up for myself. Now, even though sometimes I feel scared, I have the confidence and conviction to call in and communicate exactly what I know I am worthy of. Since doing this program, I’ve been promoted, I received a raise, I work half as much, and I even enjoyed 2 weeks off work on a beautiful trip to Ireland! Thank you, Julie!

This program took me on a deep journey within. Julie powerfully and gently guided us, and what I discovered was amazing.

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