About Julie Serot

I’m Julie Serot

I want to help you master the art of feminine selling to help you design your own path to success.

Sales is so often shrouded in masculine energy, which makes it difficult for women to find their place in the world as a wealthy woman without compromising who they are and what they believe in. That’s the position I found myself in as I was building my career, until I discovered that you really can have it all. 

Today, I’m doing what I love, making great money doing it, and living the life I want without hiding who I really am. I approach my business and coaching programs with the femininity and grace that the world of sales so often lacks, and I want to show you how to do the same.

7-Day Limitless Sales Challenge

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My Story

In the beginning...
I always knew I would be successful, however my only model of success growing up was my father, who was a formal, hardworking businessman. He built a successful career from nothing and though I respected, admired, and was inspired by him, it seemed like the success came at the expense of joy, warmth, and quality time with the family. So I knew I wanted to be successful. . .but I also knew I didn’t want to build a career or life that ended up looking like that.
And then...
I went to college, got my degree, and landed a “great job” in New York City. It was 2007 during the “Great Recession,” and though everyone told me I was so lucky to have a good job, when I was honest with myself, I wasn’t happy.. I felt divided between making money and having the status of a traditional job, or being happy and self-expressing and being excited to take on each day. It felt like an either/or.
My breakthrough
In digging deep, I decided to do the courageous thing, despite my fears, (and the nay-saying comments of others), leave the corporate world, and follow my calling to pursue a graduate degree in Marine Mammal Biology. This degree took me to Hong Kong, where I met a woman who ran a successful business, designed her life exactly how she wanted it to be, and was the example of feminine grace, joy, and warmth.
Meeting her, and subsequently several others who were similarly overjoyed about their career, highly financially successful, and free in all the ways that matter,I realized that I didn’t need to be like my dad to be successful, and that I could forge my own path to define my version of success! I realized that I could be young and free, making millions doing what I loved, just like they had. I immersed myself in personal development with a plan to become successful on MY terms. I discovered masterminds which could show me the tools and strategies I needed to start generating revenue.
But then...
It took a while before I realized that I got sucked in the masculine, aggressive way to grow again I was ambitious with big dreams, wanted to grow FAST, and hired a mentor who I thought would help me do that. But then I realized that a mentor was not going to do the work that I truly needed to do. Only I could define how I wanted to experience business, growth, and ultimately, myself.
Finally, I found the balance between generating revenue and FULLY being myself. My feminine, self-expressed, FREE, warm, joyful self. I reached a point where I was generating $40k+ per month without betraying who I am and compromising the life I want to live. Since then, I’ve coached more than 3,000 people and helped them increase their revenue by more than $5.5 million. Now, I only work for about three weeks each month (I take the last week, or 2 weeks if it’s a 5 week month, off) and create the space to take my entire birthday month off every year. I am also driven to give philanthropically, so I choose to allocate resources to donate to O.U.R. and ISA Foundation to save lives and support those who really need our help.
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I believe...

Your Authentic Self Is Good Enough

I spent so much of my early career doubting myself and trying to fit myself into a box that just wasn’t me. By embracing my authentic self and choosing to run my business my way, I’ve become more successful than I ever thought possible. Even more importantly, I’ve coached thousands of women to do the same for themselves. Your authentic self is good enough to guide you to success. Join me in learning to trust God, ditch the sales script, and stop settling.  

7-Day Limitless Sales Challenge

Ramp up your revenue in one week! Boost your confidence and do more with less— walk away ready to close sales in ANY economic environment.