I almost didn’t make it to this photo or this gala or the photo above.

If you’ve been following my stories, you might know I’ve been facing some health challenges. 

A blood test in May revealed that my cortisol markers were very high, adrenals were shot, thyroid levels were low, and inflammation markers were high (which makes sense given my back injury I was dealing with at the time and am still recovering and healing from).

And what I am learning is that the only thing that heals cortisol and adrenals are rest and time.

So when it came time to get up and dressed up and go to the Isagenix celebration gala, I did not think I was going to make it.

I texted my mentor and asked for support.

She had a suggestion. “Can you come and just have it be easy and chill and sit and be inspired?”

I said yes…and got up to go.

And I’m glad I did – it ended up being a night for my soul! Yes I needed the wholeday after to rest and recover…

And here is the point.

I am learning and unlearning.

My paradigms are shifting.

My thinking is changing.

My practices are transforming.

I am doing things 100% differently than I did before.

I’m still that ambitious, driven entrepreneur I’ve always been, and I’m creating a new way that works for me.

And here is the best part:

As I’ve been in this summer of deep rest & healing & learning & unlearning, my business hasn’t skipped a beat. 

My team and my clients are thriving.

The income hasn’t stopped. Even though I’m not the one on the clock.

And I have the space I need to heal and grow.

This is possible because of the systems I’ve set up in my life and business.

Every year for the past 10 years, I’ve taken somewhere between a couple weeks to the whole month of August off for my birthday.

I’ve just been strategic about how I set things up.

So as I continue this healing journey, and discover about news ways of being and doing, I intend to continue to show up.

To grow.

To lead.

To create.

It just might look different.