Sometimes, what worked before won’t work now…

Julie Serot 02

As an obvious example, going to a physical store to rent tapes and DVD’s stopped being a thing when people could stream on their TVs and laptops.

Blockbuster wasn’t willing to do things differently.

Or a more subtle example…

When I first started my business, I was motivated by proving others wrong.

The naysayers, the unbelievers, those who mocked me and my ideas.

“I’ll show them.”

It certainly worked in the beginning. I made 6 figures as a yoga teacher in my first year.

But that motivation isn’t sustainable or healthy.

I needed to heal from the pain and anger, forgive, and find an aspirational vision.

Or another, more recent example…

With a recession here, in order to thrive in business, things that worked last year or the year before, won’t necessarily work this year.

Only those who are willing to do things differently will succeed.

The challenge for most people is that it can be hard to know what to do differently….

Maybe you know something isn’t working but you have no idea where to begin to solve it.

Before you do anything, there’s a first step…


As soon as you DECIDE that you are open and committed to reinventing and taking a RISK, don’t be surprised if the solution instantly appears.

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