The numbers officially came out  — We are in a recession.

Julie Serot 03

By definition, a recession is 2 consecutive quarters of reduced economic growth, so technically, we’re 6 months in.

So you may be already feeling the heat, even though the official statement just came out.

(Or, maybe you are completely thriving and are unaffected, in which case, AMAZING! Go you!!  Keep doing what you are doing!)

As a woman with a vision, you now have two choices.

Choice One:

Make decisions out of fear.


Hunker down.

Play smaller.

Avoid risks and opportunities that require investment.

And if that is your choice, I understand.  Zero judgement or shame.  I get it.

Choice Two:

Get Better.



Keep playing big.

Take calculated risks, and jump on investment opportunities that forward your vision.

Let me expand on what I mean when I say, “get better.”

In the coming months (years?…however long this thing lasts), businesses that have the best marketing, customer service, product fulfillment, and brand loyalty are going to thrive.

(And yes this applies to you if you are a solopreneur with a small business.  It actually ESPECIALLY applies to you.)

“Getting better” means listening even more carefully to your customers.

It means becoming a better marketer, copywriter, and communicator.

It means taking even better care of your existing customers and clients.

It means increased efficiencies in your existing business, or setting up your new biz to be as efficient as possible.

It means creating better systems and structures so you have more space for creativity.

I completely understand if all this sounds challenging and makes you want to bury your head in a pillow.

And I’m not going to lie to you and say “No worries! It’s all super easy!”

No.  Of course it will take effort and commitment!

My advice?

Just start.

Allow yourself to choose in and commit completely every day.

Start today by joining my 7-day Limitless Sales Challenge!